PhenX Archived Measures and Protocols

This page is an archive of previous versions of the measures and protocols with the status of "retired" or "updated" after the Expert Review Panel (ERP) review. The archived measures or protocols are no longer recommended for use, and may be viewed by clicking the hyperlinks, but cannot be added to "My Toolkit." If the protocol update impacts the Data Collection Worksheet (DCW) or Data Dictionary (DD), the previous version is also archived, along with mapping between the previous and current versions of the DD.

Terms related to ERP releases:
  • Archive - A location for the previous version of measures and protocols after the ERP has convened and made recommendations.
  • Archived measure or protocol - A measure or protocol that is no longer recommended for use, and is placed in the Archive. Measures or protocols in the archive include "updated," "replaced," and "retired" protocols and measures, and may be viewed but not added to "My Toolkit."
  • Back-compatibility - If a protocol is updated or replaced the back-compatibility of the previous protocol with the new/updated protocol must be assessed. The three categories are: "back compatible," "partially back-compatible," and "not back-compatible." If the protocol is either partially or not back-compatible there will be changes to the data dictionary.
  • DCW - Data Collection Worksheet (DCW), a prototype data collection tool (in MS Word) for the PhenX protocol. It identifies and captures each data item required and collected by the protocol.
  • DD - Data Dictionary (DD) lists each variable included in the protocol DCW and its attributes. Data dictionaries are available in two formats: 1) the Word format captures skip patterns commonly used in Epidemiology studies; 2) the CSV format is compatible with the database of Genotypes and Phenotypes (dbGaP) data submission packet.
  • Expert Review Panel (ERP) - The group of experts who review one or more of the domains of existing PhenX measures to assess the scope of the domain, determine if new measures should be added, existing measures retired, descriptions of the measure be changed, or if the protocols need to be updated, replaced, or retired. All ERP recommendations must be approved by the PhenX Steering Committee.
  • Minor edits - Minor edits were made; the protocol text was not changed/modified.
  • New measure - The ERP recommended a new measure which was added to the Toolkit. This may be the result of promoting a measure from Supplemental Information.
  • Rationale - If a protocol was updated, replaced, or retired, there is a rationale for these changes. Click on updated, replaced or retired beside the protocols to see the rationale.
  • Replaced protocol - A description used by the ERP that means to replace a protocol with another protocol from a different source. A protocol that has been replaced is archived.
  • Retired measure or supplemental information - A measure or supplemental information that includes a protocol that is no longer recommended for use. Retired measures still appear with the other measures of the domain but are clearly annotated as "retired" and cannot be added to "My Toolkit". Retired supplemental information is removed from the Supplemental Information section in the Toolkit.
  • Updated protocol - The ERP updated a protocol with a more current protocol from the same source. The previous protocol was archived.
Archived Protocols: