Reproductive Health Working Group Members

WG Members:

Carol Hogue, PhD, WG Chair

Emory University
Emory, GA

Stephanie Seminara, MD

Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston, MA

Andrea Dunaif, MD

Northwestern University
Chicago, IL

Rebecca Sokol, MD

University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA

Russ Hauser, MD, ScD

Harvard University
Cambridge, MA

Jun (Jim) Zhang, MD, PhD

National Institute of Child Health & Human Development, National Institutes of Health
Rockville, MD

Pauline Mendola, PhD

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention/National Center for Health Statistics
Hyattsville, MD


SC Liaison, WG Manager and WG Supervisor:

Michelle Williams, ScD, SC Liaison                                   

University of Washington
Seattle, WA

Sonja Hoover, MPP, WG Manager

RTI International
Waltham, MA

Richard Kwok, PhD, WG Supervisor
RTI International
Research Triangle Park, NC