PhenX Toolkit Use Statistics (cumulative through March 2024)

The PhenX Toolkit offers well-established, broadly validated measures of phenotypes and exposures relevant to investigators in human genomics, epidemiology, and biomedical research. The measures in the Toolkit are selected by Working Groups of domain experts using a consensus process. The Toolkit provides detailed protocols, information about the measures, and tools to help investigators incorporate PhenX measures into their studies. Inclusion of PhenX measures facilitates cross-study analysis downstream, thus increasing the scientific impact of each individual study.

  • Number of Registered Users: 4,921
  • Number of Visits: 2,062,983
  • Number of PhenX Protocols: 977
  • Number of PhenX Domains: 30
  • Report Downloads: 8,049
  • Number of protocols imported to REDCap: 526

Rankings based on additions to My Toolkit from December 31, 2023 to March 31, 2024.