What is PhenX? « Back to top

PhenX is a project funded and administered by NHGRI with co-funding from other NIH Institutes and Centers. PhenX is pronounced "phoenix" stands for "consensus measures for Phenotypes and eXposures"

More information: https://www.phenxtoolkit.org/

How are PhenX research domains chosen? « Back to top

Domains are chosen by the PhenX Steering Committee based on the following criteria:

  • Public health significance
  • Evidence of substantial genetic influence on key phenotypes associated with the domain
  • Evidence of environmental influence on key phenotypes associated with the domain
  • Available, well-established measures and protocols
  • Cross-cutting relevance to several diseases or exposures
  • Broad inclusion in non-GWA studies of diseases
  • Potential for translation to clinical research

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How can the PhenX Toolkit help me as an investigator? « Back to top

Using protocols from the PhenX Toolkit facilitates cross-study analysis, potentially increasing the scientific impact of individual studies. The Toolkit provides detailed protocols for collecting data and tools to help investigators incorporate the protocols into their studies.

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Is there a standard format for display of Measures and Protocols? « Back to top

Yes. A standard format was adopted to ensure uniform appearance and consistency between Domains. This has resulted in appearance changes between the PhenX Protocols and the original source. This is a cosmetic change only and is primarily a change to the layout of the text. There is no loss of information or meaning.

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The PhenX terminology is confusing, where can I go for help? « Back to top

You can find the Glossary and Acronyms terms here

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Is there any guidance on using the PhenX Toolkit? « Back to top

You can find the Investigator Guidance here.

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Do I need to register to use the PhenX Toolkit? « Back to top

You are able to search, browse, choose and report on Measures from the Toolkit without becoming a registered user.

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Why should I become a Registered User of the PhenX Toolkit? « Back to top

Becoming a registered user enables access to the Link Your Study and other features, including the ability to save and share multiple My Toolkits with colleagues.

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How do I cite use of the PhenX Toolkit? « Back to top

You can find the citation for the PhenX Toolkit here.

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Are all of the PhenX Toolkit measurement protocols freely available? « Back to top

Most of the measurement protocols in the PhenX Toolkit are freely available. However, a small percentage of protocols selected by the PhenX WGs have limited availability. If it is a protocol with limited availability, the user will be directed to the source of the protocol.

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