PhenX Conceptual Diagram


A PhenX domain is a field of research with a unifying theme and easily enumerated quantitative and qualitative measures (e.g., demographics, anthropometrics, organ systems, complex diseases, and lifestyle factors).


A collection of measures with a shared characteristic, target population or topic. The measures included in a Collection may cut across research domains.


A measure refers broadly to a standardized way of capturing data on a certain characteristic of, or relating to, a study subject.


A protocol is a standard procedure recommended by a Working Group for investigators to collect and record a measure.

Data Collection Worksheet (DCW)

The DCW identifies each data item required by a protocol. The DCW helps investigators integrate selected PhenX measures into their data collection instrument.

Data Dictionary (DD)

The DD lists each variable included in a protocol with its attributes, including variable names and unique identifiers. The organization, content, and electronic format of the DD fully support data submission to the database of Genotypes and Phenotypes (dbGaP).

Conceptual DiagramConceptual DiagramConceptual DiagramConceptual DiagramConceptual DiagramConceptual Diagram