• PhenX, led by RTI International and funded by the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) with co-funding by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), is helping to integrate genetics and epidemiologic research.
  • The PhenX Toolkit includes a total of 480 measures in 23 research domains and four supplements.
  • PhenX uses a consensus process and considers input from the scientific community on proposed measures. For each research domain, up to 15 measures are selected for inclusion in the Toolkit.
  • Toolkit measures are well-established, high-quality, low-burden measures and are intended for use in biomedical, epidemiological and genomic research,
  • Widespread adoption of PhenX measures will greatly facilitate cross-study comparisons and analyses.
The web-based PhenX Toolkit is available to the public and is intended for use by investigators who are designing or expanding genomics-based studies. There is no fee for using the Toolkit. The PhenX Toolkit is now available at: www.phenxtoolkit.org
A Steering Committee (SC) of distinguished experts from the scientific community guides the selection of the measures and promotes their use. Research domains include diseases and conditions, lifestyle factors, demographics, anthropometrics, and environmental exposures.
Working Groups (WGs) are assembled for each research domain. Each WG uses a consensus-based process to select up to 15 measures for inclusion in the Toolkit. As part of the process, the scientific community provides feedback on the measures; this input is considered by the WGs during their deliberations.
Expert Review Panels (ERPs), consisting of experts in the field, conduct rolling reviews of domain-specific content in the Toolkit to ensure that measures remain highly relevant and useful to the scientific community and reflective of current science.